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    Growing Resilience Skills for Life

    Join us to support the next generation to unlock their super power, learning to self-regulate their emotions.

    Emotions Toolkit is designed to support children, families, Pre-Schools and Primary Schools to create strategies

    that help us navigate life more easily.

    The Emotions Toolkit is a blend of training materials, support and multi-sensory resources to help children

    learn self-regulation skills, which with practice will stay with them for life.


    With 1 in 6 children suffering with a diagnosable mental health disorder since the pandemic, we believe empowering kids, parents and educators to create their own personal toolkit to manage their emotions means they are less likely to struggle.


    We have created our first two toolkits for 2-7 yrs & 7-11 yrs, and currently developing a teen toolkit, and one specifically aimed at adults.


    The Toolkit is a selection of techniques derived from yoga and mindfulness alongside scientifically proven methods to

    release ‘feel good’ hormones such as serotonin and dopamine to boost wellbeing.


    We provide training and resources for:

    Schools EYFS-KS2

    Nurseries & Pre-schools

    Families - Groups and one to one

    SEND organisations

    Therapists & Counsellors

    Family Support Groups & Community Organisations


    If you would like to discuss how Emotions Toolkit can support your organisation or business please contact us.


  • Emotions Toolkit Parent Programme

    A resource to support you to help your child to manage their emotions more easily with simple, effective and fun techniques.

    Includes short videos and downloadables (including a downloadable family pack) to empower parents with how to support your child to self-regulate their emotions.

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  • Meet the Team

    We've got a top notch team!

    Jackie Wilson

    Co-Founder of Emotions Toolkit

    Keynote Speaker, Founder of Empower Education, and Co-Founder of Positively Empowered Kids CIC.

    Jackie is passionate about inspiring the next generation to go on a journey of self discovery to empower them with the knowledge and understanding of who they are. She believes every child, no matter their background, gender, race, religion or ability has an unlimited potential, and CAN be successful in life. With a positive mindset, self belief and the right tools to be able to navigate life’s challenges, they will have less chance of mental health problems, be more emotionally intelligent, creative, better problem solvers and communicators. Jackie coaches children, teens, young adults, parents & educators through her empowering self-development programmes, workshops & 1-1 interventions





    With the Emotions Toolkit, Jackie believes if children learn how to create a plan to manage their emotions at an early age, it will enable them to understand the importance of taking responsibility for how they feel and how to self calm, so they can flourish and thrive with positive mental health.

    Debra Webster

    Co-Founder of Emotions Toolkit

    Debra is an Artist, an Educator and the Founder of Debsta Productions. Creativity is at the heART of everything she does from collaborations to the Emotions Toolkit, from writing and illustrating books to working in schools and nurseries. With over 20 years experience in Education as a qualified teacher specialising in the early years, Debra feels it’s very important to learn from that experience and continue to drive change to suit the future that our young children face. Debra’s love of creating art began when she was very young, drawing cartoons, and now art is used in all aspects of her work. Art and illustration work is her own mindful space as well as being a really great job. She works on projects large and small from designing leaflets and banners to full book illustrations, murals and oil paintings




    Debra and Jackie were introduced in the Summer of 2018 and had a shared desire to support the emotional and mental health of young children. The Emotions Toolkit was born and blends Jackie's knowledge of emotional intelligence, yoga & mindfulness with Debra's background in education and skills as an artist to design the toolkit, often with the help and ideas of children themselves.

  • Workshops and Training

    A range of webinars and workshops for Schools. Early Years Settings, Parents and Families

    NEW! Online Emotions Toolkit Parent Programme

    Our parent programme help you to support your child from a young age, to manage their emotions more easily with simple, effective and fun techniques.
    This programme made possible through funding from SSBC and Nottingham Community Foundation – Thank you! Just £35 for a programme of mini videos plus downloadable resources, including the toolkit. Dip into this in your own time, in easily manageable chunks.

    Click here

    Emotions Toolkit Workshops

    We run bespoke children's workshops and staff training to support young minds in learning to regulate their emotions:

    • Early Years 
    • Key Stage One
    • Key Stage Two
    • Resilience Leader Programme (Whole School)
    • SATS resilience workshops
    We also offer specialised workshops and training for:
    • Parents and Carers
    • Groups, Charities and Communities e.g. SEND groups  

    These packages include all of the materials and resources needed to support and embed learning. Please contact us today.


    Duplicate Teacher resource packs can be purchased separately.

    Online Support

    We offer 1 to 1 sessions for children and/or parents, alongside group online training and mentoring which is ideal for parents, carers and childminders worldwide. We can also offer online staff training events for schools and organisations far and wide.

    Contact us for more information.

    Resilience Leader Programme

    Collaborating with children to create a more resilient school

    The resilience leader programme is an active learning programme, that has been developed to ensure all children are active collaborators in their learning. The facilitator supports every child to feel able to be part of the group, feel empowered to take responsibility for their learning so they can fully engage in the process. The programme has been developed using coaching methods and action methods to enhance learning, to guide children to discover their own inner resources and abilities. To feel confident to teach their peers the Emotions Toolkit, how to self-regulate and take responsibility for their emotions and thinking, and learn how to navigate them more easily.

    Contact us for more information.

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    Positively Empowered Kids Festival 2022

    Sunday, 25th September 2022!

    Do you want to help your children feel inspired about their future and empowered to be happy being their true self?

    Then, bring them along to the Positively Empowered Kids Festival: - a fun and exciting day filled with inspiring activities which will help them know that they are extraordinary and believe that they can achieve anything they want.

    At this jam-packed festival, they will discover through exciting activities and interactive demonstrations, how they can live their best lives and be the best they can be.

    Whether you are worried about your child’s current anxiety levels, their lack of self -confidence or just want to help them develop further, our aim is for you and them to leave the festival bursting with ideas and equipped with tools and techniques that will help them to create true success on their own terms.

    And join our Sponsored Superhero Cape Walk to spread the message of the importance of self belief and how to raise self-esteem in every child.


    Spectrum Autism Friendly Festival

    Saturday 10th September 2022

    The award winning Spectrum Autism Friendly Festival is back for 2022

    Their main aim is to educate families, giving guidance, support and advise to all that need it, whilst providing a fun environment for everyone to enjoy themselves throughout the day.



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